*twitch!* *POW!* *snort!* *boink!* *twitch!*

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I never get invited to the right parties:

You know you’re in trouble when your gaming is interrupted by a scream of “come on you fuckers, who’s first?” Things generally go south from there if, when you turn around, you find a completely naked man with a giant erection standing in the middle of the room, beckoning for someone to come over and sit on his lap.

For the record, I hardly call that “trouble.”

No Snakes, but Internets

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At 34k feet somewhere over the Pacific. This flight has Boeing’s Connexion, which isn’t half bad. Works wirelessly, ain’t real speedy, but certainly acceptable. My co-worker is next to me, and I just jacked him in with CAT-5, sharing the $26 fee. ‘Bout a buck an hour for the flight.
Of course, since it works, Boeing promptly decided to kill it citing costs and plans to shut it down by the end of the year. There’s few other options, and none that work over water that I know of… shame, really. Time’s a flyin’. (Bad pun…)
Anyway, off to play some WoW. 🙂
( Also, it seems with the evil that is all things liquid, you’re still allowed up to 4 oz. of “personal lubricant.” 4 oz? I must choose wisely… )


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Flying to Hong Kong tomorrow, via Seoul, so the whole adventure will take about 20 hours.
Taking the 30D and a few of the better lenses, planning on trying to find some peace on the weekends and snap off a few. I’ll see if I can’t find some Chinese people to take pictures of… AHEM.
It’s hot, humid, and lacks good bath products. Or at least a belief thereof.
Will probably hit Shanghai, too, before I head home. (I make it sound like I’m on vacation… I’m most definitely not.) I’d love to make it home before Folsom, but don’t know if that’s going to happen.
Perspective: Last time in Shanghai I got vid of people dancing on the street to Polak Music outside of a McDonald’s.