Two Days, Two Compromised Introductions

Posted by: on Feb 21, 2013 | No Comments

Sony PS4: it seems like it’ll be a nice machine, albeit much less unique than the PS3. Console gaming over the last two decades has been amazing, but we’re in the twilight years. (See Wii U.) Mobile is clearly where the business is going and handheld devices are rivaling in terms of power. Sony also completely hosed the intro by holding journos hostage for 140 minutes then offering no price, pictures, or dates. But we did get to see a new DualShock…. so, there’s that.

Google Chromebook Pixel: Not completely sure why this thing exists, other than because it can. It’s gunning for the MacBook Pro, in a way that threatens Apple sales exactly zero.

  1. The non-LTE version is a bit of a mystery as Google’s cloud-based Chrome OS depends on, you know, the cloud and thus internet connectivity.
  2. It costs entirely too much. A 13″ Retina MacBook Pro is only $50 more.
  3. Being a “hybrid” it does neither tablet nor notebook well. It’s too bulky to hold for any extended period of time and the smaller screen and keyboard don’t lend itself well to extended work sessions. Having an i5, battery life is disappointing. A clear compromise that satisfies exactly what?

Rather amazing Google is seldom penalized on the stock market for clear missteps of which I think this probably one. It’s up 13% in the last month. Anyone remember the Nexus Q?