Airport Romper Room

Posted by: on Aug 13, 2006 | No Comments

I was going to go on a rambling screed against the idiotic “no liquids” crap I had to endure Thursday going through LAX, but Patrick Smith nails it. (Sidenote: the media had blown it out of proportion — I did curb to gate in under 20.)
I’m sure all those airline lobbyist can come up with something that can avoid the “supporting the terrorist” rhetoric while actually making things safer. You know, like putting the fry cook for MickyD’s through security when he comes to work and using getting better intelligence. C’mon — it’s not the TSA that busted this one wide open. The front line of airport safety can not be the concourse.
Oh, and the English got the bad guys using surveillance that was granted through legal warrants. The totalitarian buttboys are pimping it as imminent danger numero uno, ergo we must allow BushCo to go hog wild. Wankers.