No Snakes, but Internets

Posted by: on Aug 29, 2006 | No Comments

At 34k feet somewhere over the Pacific. This flight has Boeing’s Connexion, which isn’t half bad. Works wirelessly, ain’t real speedy, but certainly acceptable. My co-worker is next to me, and I just jacked him in with CAT-5, sharing the $26 fee. ‘Bout a buck an hour for the flight.
Of course, since it works, Boeing promptly decided to kill it citing costs and plans to shut it down by the end of the year. There’s few other options, and none that work over water that I know of… shame, really. Time’s a flyin’. (Bad pun…)
Anyway, off to play some WoW. 🙂
( Also, it seems with the evil that is all things liquid, you’re still allowed up to 4 oz. of “personal lubricant.” 4 oz? I must choose wisely… )