When the Leeves Broke

Posted by: on Aug 26, 2006 | No Comments

Really, just sad.
The PR campaign was just gross. Bush, Cheney showing up — many days after the fact — trying to look involved. Thankfully, a few noticed:

“George Bush doesn’t care about black people.”
– Kayne West
“I thought it’d be poetic justice if I quoted the Dick to the dick.” (referring to Cheney’s ‘go fuck yourself’ to Sen. Patrick Leahy.)
“Go fuck yourself, Mr. Cheney. Go fuck yourself.”
– Dr. Ben Marble
“President Bush can kiss my ass.
The United States government can kiss my ass.
St. Bernard Parish can kiss my ass.
Even though there’s not much left, there’s enough to kiss.
– Cheryl Livaudas

So, they’re angry. And they should be. See why.