Oh, the Children…

Posted by: on Aug 28, 2006 | No Comments

One wonders how the media will explain it’s nearly 2 week frenzy with a mentally ill pedophile who didn’t kill JonBenet. Predictably, there will be many “why” stories justifying their obsession with dead/missing white people. I’ll save you some time and summarize: Clearly, rushing 15k reporters around the world from Thailand to Boulder was an appropriate reaction because… wait. [cue James Earl Jones] “This is CNN.”
Meanwhile, Nancy Grace doesn’t believe in DNA evidence… any more.
Boulder tax payers must be thrilled as well. Them some expensive-ass biz class shrimp you bought the ‘killer.’
53 American soldiers dead in Iraq this month thus far, 10 more than last month. Psst… CNN and the rest of you bottom feeders: I’m guessing a number of them were white, too.