Rock On

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Friend’s band, gotta love the flyer…

I’ll be there.

RIP James Brown

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Friday Night Music w/Roger Waters: “What God Wants”

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Jeff Beck on guitar.

Friday Night Music w/Duran Duran

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“The Chauffeur”
This never happens when I use a car park.

Friday Night Music w/Bronski Beat

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Actually Saturday noon here in Hong Kong. Work day here.
Weather “feels like” is 103 here.

Colin Farrell Curves Left

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Don’t know how I missed this.
Link [NSFW]
Two words: hedge trimmer.
Even less interesting: Pete Wentz (of Fallout Boy) is touching himself. Inappropriately. Lame ‘cum catcher’ tat to boot.

Duran Re-ran

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Duran Duran has been trying to stage a comeback for, what, 15 years now — but it looks like they’re having some mild success now that the original lineup is back together after 18 years. And even though John Taylor’s mountains o’ makeup haven’t faded, hopefully your dreams of marrying him have.
When I was 9, mom allowed me to make my first cassette purchase at the Music+. What did I buy? Duran Duran’s “Rio” and, dammit, I loved that album. I still do.
This article [] isn’t particularly interesting, but the history of Duran Duran included at the bottom is fascinating. The author has done an amazing job collecting 25 years of disposable history, and hey, it’s a good read. 😉
Duran Duran’s low-point was perhaps a half-hearted 2000 appearance at Paramount’s Great America here in Northern California promoting the aptly named album “Pop Trash.” Crap theme park, crap band — a craptacular good time! (Ironically, my company has rented Great America this afternoon for a launch celebration.)
The Duranies are appearing at Alice’s Now & Zen Fest here at Golden Gate Park this Sunday.

New iPods; stupid RIAA

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Apple announced new iPods today, replacing the 15GB and 30GB models with 20GB and 40GB models at the same price points. Rumored goodies, such as video, may still come, but are not in this minor refresh.
Apple also announced they’ve sold 1M iPods, and more than 10M songs through the iTunes Music Store.
Meanwhile, the RIAA filed additional lawsuits today against 261 file swappers and promises “thousands more.” My advice? Ignore them. It’s all scare tactics, and statistically speaking, you’re safe. There’s several hurdles they need to overcome, including your ISP — and many are fighting, including SBC. (If you’re with Verizon, you’re screwed. They’ll sell you out.) Then there’s also intent. Did you intend to pirate copyrighted material? It’s hard to prove.
They’ve also introduced some lame-ass amnesty program, which is designed to make you admit pirate ways and legally sign you’ll never do it again. It’s cheaper than proving you actually did something wrong in the first place.
Previous rants about the RIAA are here and here.

BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix

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Anybody know where archives of BBC1’s Essential Mix with Pete Tong might be found? The BBC doesn’t want to seem to make it available, and I can find some on Gnutella networks, although grabbing a full session is a risky proposition. Most weigh in at 65MB+.
The Oakenfold ones from 1999-2001 are fantastic (China, Havana, London, Ibiza, Miami), but the RealAudio ones from the current week that BBC1 makes available aren’t doing it for me.

SBC Sues RIAA; porn firm goes after swapper identities

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SBC subsidiary Pacific Bell Internet has sued the RIAA to stop subpoenas to release the names of internet music swappers. As much as I loathe SBC, when it comes to this, good for them.
But of more particular interest, is the mention that porn-house Titan Media has also sued to identify 59 swappers presumably passing around clips of their boy-on-boy smutfests.
At their current clip, it’ll be 2200 years before the RIAA can sue all 60M file swappers. But… rather than end up as a statistic:
• The EFF has a page on how to protect yourself.
• The RIAA has stupidly posted a handy Excel spreadsheet of songs on their hit list.
• And Slyck News explores a possible pattern emerging in the RIAA tactics.