Duran Re-ran

Posted by: on Sep 18, 2003 | 2 Comments

Duran Duran has been trying to stage a comeback for, what, 15 years now — but it looks like they’re having some mild success now that the original lineup is back together after 18 years. And even though John Taylor’s mountains o’ makeup haven’t faded, hopefully your dreams of marrying him have.
When I was 9, mom allowed me to make my first cassette purchase at the Music+. What did I buy? Duran Duran’s “Rio” and, dammit, I loved that album. I still do.
This article [sfgate.com] isn’t particularly interesting, but the history of Duran Duran included at the bottom is fascinating. The author has done an amazing job collecting 25 years of disposable history, and hey, it’s a good read. 😉
Duran Duran’s low-point was perhaps a half-hearted 2000 appearance at Paramount’s Great America here in Northern California promoting the aptly named album “Pop Trash.” Crap theme park, crap band — a craptacular good time! (Ironically, my company has rented Great America this afternoon for a launch celebration.)
The Duranies are appearing at Alice’s Now & Zen Fest here at Golden Gate Park this Sunday.