Crunchy Phish

Posted by: on Jul 10, 2003 | No Comments

Going to see Phish tonight at Shoreline. My friend Carolyn managed to snag some good tickets. Sure, they’re a bit crunchy, but the shows are usually fun.
I went to a Phish show once before, in like 1995, at Griffith Park in Los Angeles… I don’t remember much of it, but then again, God only knows what I was on.

RIAA stupidity

Posted by: on Jul 6, 2003 | No Comments

Last month, the RIAA announced it would go after individual file-traders on P2P networks. The result? An increase of 10% on Grokster and Morpheus. Villianizing casual computer users is not likely to endear anyone to the record labels or cause a stampede to the CD aisle, especially after they were just busted for years of CD overcharging and forced to give token refunds. However, if this current campaign sees any success, it will be short lived: the P2P landscape will simply change to work-around the RIAA. Believing it will stop is naive.