New iPods; stupid RIAA

Posted by: on Sep 8, 2003 | No Comments

Apple announced new iPods today, replacing the 15GB and 30GB models with 20GB and 40GB models at the same price points. Rumored goodies, such as video, may still come, but are not in this minor refresh.
Apple also announced they’ve sold 1M iPods, and more than 10M songs through the iTunes Music Store.
Meanwhile, the RIAA filed additional lawsuits today against 261 file swappers and promises “thousands more.” My advice? Ignore them. It’s all scare tactics, and statistically speaking, you’re safe. There’s several hurdles they need to overcome, including your ISP — and many are fighting, including SBC. (If you’re with Verizon, you’re screwed. They’ll sell you out.) Then there’s also intent. Did you intend to pirate copyrighted material? It’s hard to prove.
They’ve also introduced some lame-ass amnesty program, which is designed to make you admit pirate ways and legally sign you’ll never do it again. It’s cheaper than proving you actually did something wrong in the first place.
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