Stoopid Google

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Much hay has been made over Google’s “do no evil” policy vs. China and their zealous censorship fetish.
Oft-cited example: contrast these two image searches for ‘Tiananmen Square’: US; China. No “tank man” in the Chinese version. (FrontLine did a good piece on this recently.)
Funny thing is all you have to do is misspell ‘Tiananmen’ (which I imagine happens rather frequently), and one gets at least some “tank man” pr0n. (Yes, I know I’m searching in English here.)
Look, Google: when you break your own promises, at least be good at it.
Seriously, why does anyone pay Google attention any more… unless you’re insanely wealthy and getting rich on their crap Class B shares? Everything they’ve released in the last 3 years has been ass: gmail (yawn), gCal (Apple circa 2001), Maps (Web 2.0!!!!@@!@!!! d00d! FUCK ACCURACY!), news (company PR IS news!), Finance (Y! circa 98 with an AJAX chart!!!#@!!), Froogle (muddled, repetitive, pointless), local (does anyone know this exists?), blah, blah, blah…
Meanwhile, Yahoo! gets its third Chinese citizen arrested. Hey Terry, you fucknut, gonna throw some of that $174M to that guy’s family or let them starve?

Once Again…

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…I’m tempted by a thrilling tale of Ike & Tina for poor people, only to be rebuffed by the cruel hand of random selection.
(Translation: I didn’t get picked for jury duty.)
That leaves the most exciting thing that happened to me today being filling my crotch with hot coffee at the courthouse.

Happy Mutant Sock Monkey Day!

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Nutty 45° View of da Homestead

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While jacking around with Zillow today I natch had to look up my own neck of the woods.
This is just creepy:

So apparently my living room casts a distinct shadow on the building next door, and it looks like there might be some slight roof damage over the dining room — the roof is “dark” right there, as if it collects water.
Also, that apartment building behind me looks much further away than it actually is. I’d really like nothing more than to raze that hideous eyesore to the ground, but it ain’t gonna happen. (It partially obstructs my view, but only of Market St.)
Oh, and to my many enemies: Should you acquire some sort of GPS-guided weapon, I’ve highlighted where I’m currently sitting. Best of luck!

Awful Bright for Cheese

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This picture will not win me any awards, but it’s 9:30p, what do you want from me?
Anyway, I was looking out the window and noticed the bay was lit up like Close Encounters (or at least Spielberg doing a shoot). Nope… just a lovely full moon shining right into the bay like a giant flashlight:

[ Posted another picture before; they both suck. I’m getting a 30D next month for my Yellowstone/Jackson Hole trip… ]

$5000 Bounty

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For Penn Jillette. DEAD.
But thems just jokes.
Loves me some wingnuts.

Appropriate Birthday Presents

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So… I’m getting some Apple goodness for someone special, but I can’t help but be me. To wit:
The Gift: Black iPod nano. Svelte and sexy. A most excellent gift, no?
The Engraving: “Sorry I fell asleep while you were doing ‘that.’ Twice. Love, schmeeve”
At least I’m honest. And apologetic.


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Scarlet Crusade

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Is it just me, or this server down way too much?

Down the Drain

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Tom DeLay will not seek re-election.
Actually, this is not a good thing, as it would dealt him a crushing defeat in his backwater GOP stronghold come November. Apparently he is that smart.
But Tom still faces jail. And he’s way more the power player than Abramhoff. I sincerely hope this doesn’t derail his inevitable incarceration.
Ronnie Earle: do not back down. Put this asshole in jail.
Some love — waxing Nostalgic.