Obligatory Touristy Snaps

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From the Sky Lounge in the Sheraton Kowloon:

From the ferry back to Wan Chai:

And from Victoria Peak:

Today went Canon 30D shopping in Mong Kok, without the assistance of a local. Utter chaos. During the week going to drag someone ‘in the know’ down there. Prices I was getting today were at least $280 less than the US, but I think if I go into some of the places off street level I can go a bit cheaper. I may pick up several unlocked phones to hock on eBay as well — there’s all manner of 750, 810, 900, SLVR, RAZR’s and the like to be found.
Move out of the hotel and into our ‘company’ apartment tomorrow. There’s a clothes washer underneath the burners in the kitchen. No dryer. Kwazy.

No Naked Smoking

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Fay Gwai Lo

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…or ‘fat white devil’ in Cantonese. You learn so much here!

‘Space Steve from the Future’

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…as a co-worker put it earlier. It’s 3pm Thursday in Hong Kong right now, 12:06am in SF.
13 hour flight from SFO to ICN, then 3:30 to HKG… I’m, uh, really gross. Sadly, the promise of an in-flight fashion show did not materialize, but it’s what’d you expect from an Asian airline: cloned, meek and perfect female flight attendants, not one detail over-looked or missed.
My hotel is a-skank-ey…
More later… shower time!

Fashion Shows

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So I was on the Asiana website trying to find cabin interior photos, considering I’ll be spending over 24 hours in it over the next month, and all I could find was this goofy video which promises me “In Flight Fashion Shows.” That’s right… a fashion show!
Uh… cool. I guess.

Let’s Bomb Iran!

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Sing Along!

Bombed Afghanistan, but gave up the Taliban,
Hey at least this rhymes with “stan” and that’s enough to make a plan
To Bomb Iran! Bomb Bomb, Bomb… Let’s Bomb Iran!
You’re a commie if you doubt and my time is running out,
To Bomb Iran, Bomb Bomb, Bomb Bomb Iran!

Hong Kong Ho!

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Off to Hong Kong on Tuesday for 4-6 weeks. (15hrs in flight, xfer in Seoul! Joooooooooyyyyyyyy…)
Trying to make a list of things I need to do to be gone that long: hold mail, have someone water plants, but not sure about others: should I shut off the cable? turn off the fridge? let someone run it as a B&B?
Also, trying to dig up as much info on what to do there and in Shanghai while I’m visiting. I’ll have plenty of time in HK, and a couple of days in Shanghai to do sightseeing. So far, my goals include not being arrested by government watchers and not a whole lot else. I’m going to try to find a Canon 30D a bit cheaper there, too, so I can photoblog and capture some choice Engrish. (But that’s really for my Yellowstone/Jackson Hole trip in June.)

Any suggestions you world travelers out there?

TV Shopping

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Think I’ll take the plunge and replace the 250lb boat anchor in my living room when I get back from HK. So many different formats, sizes, inputs. Decisions, decisions.
And now I have to worry about snakes. That’s right — snakes.