Stoopid Google

Posted by: on Apr 19, 2006 | No Comments

Much hay has been made over Google’s “do no evil” policy vs. China and their zealous censorship fetish.
Oft-cited example: contrast these two image searches for ‘Tiananmen Square’: US; China. No “tank man” in the Chinese version. (FrontLine did a good piece on this recently.)
Funny thing is all you have to do is misspell ‘Tiananmen’ (which I imagine happens rather frequently), and one gets at least some “tank man” pr0n. (Yes, I know I’m searching in English here.)
Look, Google: when you break your own promises, at least be good at it.
Seriously, why does anyone pay Google attention any more… unless you’re insanely wealthy and getting rich on their crap Class B shares? Everything they’ve released in the last 3 years has been ass: gmail (yawn), gCal (Apple circa 2001), Maps (Web 2.0!!!!@@!@!!! d00d! FUCK ACCURACY!), news (company PR IS news!), Finance (Y! circa 98 with an AJAX chart!!!#@!!), Froogle (muddled, repetitive, pointless), local (does anyone know this exists?), blah, blah, blah…
Meanwhile, Yahoo! gets its third Chinese citizen arrested. Hey Terry, you fucknut, gonna throw some of that $174M to that guy’s family or let them starve?