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Nutty 45° View of da Homestead

Posted by: on Apr 13, 2006 | No Comments

While jacking around with Zillow today I natch had to look up my own neck of the woods.
This is just creepy:

So apparently my living room casts a distinct shadow on the building next door, and it looks like there might be some slight roof damage over the dining room — the roof is “dark” right there, as if it collects water.
Also, that apartment building behind me looks much further away than it actually is. I’d really like nothing more than to raze that hideous eyesore to the ground, but it ain’t gonna happen. (It partially obstructs my view, but only of Market St.)
Oh, and to my many enemies: Should you acquire some sort of GPS-guided weapon, I’ve highlighted where I’m currently sitting. Best of luck!