Hong Kong Ho!

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Off to Hong Kong on Tuesday for 4-6 weeks. (15hrs in flight, xfer in Seoul! Joooooooooyyyyyyyy…)
Trying to make a list of things I need to do to be gone that long: hold mail, have someone water plants, but not sure about others: should I shut off the cable? turn off the fridge? let someone run it as a B&B?
Also, trying to dig up as much info on what to do there and in Shanghai while I’m visiting. I’ll have plenty of time in HK, and a couple of days in Shanghai to do sightseeing. So far, my goals include not being arrested by government watchers and not a whole lot else. I’m going to try to find a Canon 30D a bit cheaper there, too, so I can photoblog and capture some choice Engrish. (But that’s really for my Yellowstone/Jackson Hole trip in June.)

Any suggestions you world travelers out there?

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  1. Anonymous
    April 22, 2006

    Have high tea at the Peninsula Hotel. Pick a nice day to go to Repulse Bay. Take the crazy tram to the top of Victoria Peek and hike around (presuming you don’t start smoking again) up there.
    Take the ferry as many times as possible, especially after dark to see all the lights.
    Check out the Jade market, and bring a cigarette lighter to test that which is jade and that which is plastic. Also enjoy the ‘Warning: Rats/Plague” signs above.
    Go to Macao, tell me if they’ve finally opened the museum at the Presidio (or whatever the Portuguese word for that would be).
    Try to line up a cheap flight to Guilin, if you can, and spend a weekend there. It’s beautiful, small, and relaxing.
    Do the same to Guangzhou (I think there’s also a hydrofoil that goes there) and see the old colonial part.
    I suppose if you get starved for things to do you could also take a trip to Taipei and see the super-duper museum of pillaged Chinese art that’s supposed to amaze and delight.
    Also, keep it in your pants about the whole Tiananmen thing. They really don’t like talking about that. Can’t imagine why!


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