Sucktacular Week

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Well, I’ve put in something like 65 hours so far this week, and it’s only Thursday. (Mind you, I’m sallaried.) At least we got our product out the door today. Unfortunately, the Sybase box we’re on is shared with another group, whose ineffecient stp’s seem to suck up all of the six processors and leave us with latency issues. I’ve spent 15 hours on conf calls with Ops the last few days working through this, and let me tell you, I’m one unhappy camper.
Of course, the layoff rumors have started considering a client release is imminent. I give myself an 80/20 chance of surviving. Granted, a year ago, I’d of said 99/1… but management suffles have left me scrambling as to what new alliances I have to make.
Anyone want to help me open a restaurant? I can cook, and have the biz plan ready. 🙂

Bravo Fags Out

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Being rather impartial to reality TV (okay, most of it is utter crap), there is one show which I’ve found rather enjoyable: Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. These bunch of ultra-coifed uber-cakeboys (the “Fab 5”) “fix” some poor straight boy, who has some predictable straight-boy goal in mind: asking a girlfriend to move in, popping the question, etc. It’s pure entertainment. Trust me.
Meanwhile, as Bravo continues to fag out, it’s introduced Boy meets Boy, which is your standard reality TV with, of course, an obvious twist.
Of course, if TV execs wanted a real ratings victory, they’d introduce some Lesbianonic reality show… talk about capturing your major demos.

Mmmm… expired medicine!

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How many pills are we popping a day?

1    6
2    7
3    8
4    9
5    10+

average: of votes

Alone Again

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My roommate Scott moved back to Atlanta today. He’s driving cross-country in a 12-foot Ryder truck with bald tires. I’ll call Dateline.
I’m filthy from helping load the truck, but I’ve managed to vacuum that floor for the first time in 4 years and promptly shifted all sorts of crap laying around the apartment to the newly vacant area. (It hasn’t helped much.)
Anyway, place will be a little lonely… but I’ll survive. Not planning on any new roommates.

Angry Ann Scam

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Ann Coulter.jpgI caught a segment on CNN last night with Ann Coulter, the lawyer, political pundit and author of Slander and the just-released Treason. If you’re not familiar with Ann, she’s a trash-talking ultra right-winger who blames Democrats for the Cold War, considers Joseph McCarthy an American “hero,” and believes liberals are traitors to our country. After 9/11, she purported the solution to terrorism was to “invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity.” She’s never met a TV camera she hasn’t liked, and tarts-up her skeletal thin body and long blonde hair — presumably to distract any reasonable thought from the fat white man usually providing her a soapbox. Amazingly adept at spinning together half-truths and questionable sources to float her outlandish arguments, reaction to her is at times knee-jerk and extreme.
Political views aside, Ann is one of the things I hate most: a self-made character created to promote herself and fatten up her wallet. This is nothing new, but it sure is irritating. She knows she’s incendiary and she knows that sells lots of books, but I highly doubt she believes the crap that spews out of her mouth. (Last night, she was lamenting her #2 position on the NYT Best Sellers to Hillary, presumably unaware of the fact she’s been knocked down to #4 with Hillary retaining the top position.) With Hillary’s book, she was at least writing about her life and events. Ann has done nothing interesting with her own life (defending Paula Jones? um, NO), so she’s decided to make a life out of attacking others — not because she’s passionate about “liberal treachery,” but because it will buy a pair of Manola Blahniks for every day of the week. What a disgusting scam.
And don’t even get me started on Pat Robertson and his Operation Supreme Court Freedom.

Whackin’ Off to Ward Off Cancer

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An Ejaculation a Day May Keep Prostate Cancer at Bay

The survey of 1,079 prostate cancer patients and 1,259 healthy men found that those who masturbated or had sex at least once a day in their 20s were a third less likely to develop the malady.

The Bushwhacking of America

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frontierjustice.jpgAn excerpt of former U.N. Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter’s book, Frontier Justice: Weapons of Mass Destruction and the Bushwhacking of America, is available online [PDF]. The 28-page excerpt includes the foreward and chapter 1, “The West Texas Lynch Mob.” Interesting read.
This AP story has a good summary. In reference to “Operation Iraqi Freedom”:

The truth of the matter is that the Bush administration has lied about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction and the Iraqi links to Osama bin Laden’s al Qaeda. The Bush administration worked the lynch mob up into a murderous frenzy by fabricating evidence and misrepresenting facts. In lying to the American people, the United States Congress, and the international community, the Bush adminstration has demonstrated flagrant disregard for the rule of the law and the very virtues of American society. As a result of this perfidy, we Americans face a critical moment in our nation’s history.

Bring Out Your Inner Robert Hansen!

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Holy-fucking-shit. Witness

You can actually hunt one of our Bambi sluts and shoot her with paintballs while we film the whole thing and tape it for your own home video. […] With over 30 women ready to be chased down and shot like dogs we guarantee a wide variety of Bambi’s to choose from. Whether it is a fat ass cow or a perfect 10 we have an abundance of these beauties. So if you are the ultimate sportsman and are seeking the ultimate adrenaline rush then come out to our ranch and shoot one of these nagging whinny bitches where it hurts and shut her the fuck up. Then mount her like a “Real Man”.

Isn’t this exactly what Robert Hansen did? Granted, there’s one major difference here, but good God it’s sick.
And all for only $10k. CNN has some video (subscription).

Race: genetically speaking

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CNN’s got a interesting piece on the genetic differences between the “races.”
Basically, there is none:

“There’s no genetic basis for any kind of rigid ethnic or racial classification at all,” said Bryan Sykes, the Oxford geneticist and author of “The Seven Daughters of Eve.” I’m always asked is there Greek DNA or an Italian gene, but, of course, there isn’t. . . . We’re very closely related.”

Presidental Candidate does Blogging

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Democratic presidental candidate Howard Dean will be the guest blogger at author and Standard Law School Professor Lawrence Lessig’s site starting next week while the professor is on vacation.
Why he doesn’t start his own is beyond me, but it’s interesting none the less. I’m not expecting the usual fare of techno-babble and personal misery that fill most blogs, but I’ll suffer through a little stumping for the novelty factor alone.
Meanwhile, Bush has finally gotten himself in good mess over those little white lies during the State of the Union address. (Perhaps if he hadn’t of repeated them several dozen times.)