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Sucktacular Week

Posted by: on Jul 31, 2003 | No Comments

Well, I’ve put in something like 65 hours so far this week, and it’s only Thursday. (Mind you, I’m sallaried.) At least we got our product out the door today. Unfortunately, the Sybase box we’re on is shared with another group, whose ineffecient stp’s seem to suck up all of the six processors and leave us with latency issues. I’ve spent 15 hours on conf calls with Ops the last few days working through this, and let me tell you, I’m one unhappy camper.
Of course, the layoff rumors have started considering a client release is imminent. I give myself an 80/20 chance of surviving. Granted, a year ago, I’d of said 99/1… but management suffles have left me scrambling as to what new alliances I have to make.
Anyone want to help me open a restaurant? I can cook, and have the biz plan ready. šŸ™‚