Presidental Candidate does Blogging

Posted by: on Jul 12, 2003 | No Comments

Democratic presidental candidate Howard Dean will be the guest blogger at author and Standard Law School Professor Lawrence Lessig’s site starting next week while the professor is on vacation.
Why he doesn’t start his own is beyond me, but it’s interesting none the less. I’m not expecting the usual fare of techno-babble and personal misery that fill most blogs, but I’ll suffer through a little stumping for the novelty factor alone.
Meanwhile, Bush has finally gotten himself in good mess over those little white lies during the State of the Union address. (Perhaps if he hadn’t of repeated them several dozen times.)

Thankfully, he’s standing behind his fallguy. Awww, how sweet. Yet America-at-large seems disinterested and blasé. Seriously people, you’ll throw a fit if the neighbor’s dog shits on your lawn and every Wal-Mart receipt is inspected in minute detail for the tiniest of mistakes. But waging war as a nation? Questionable motives? Shenanigans and cover-ups? No problem-o! He’s the president after all, he loves America and God and Texas. (Well, except for the homosexuals and poor people.)
Being the crafty fucks that our current administration are, I’m sure this will blow over through a handy third-world distraction. Liberia anyone?