2004 Webbys

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Apple wins two for iTMS, in the Commerce and Music categories.

blogforamerica (Dean) wins People’s Choice for politics.


Wasting Cycles

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Okay, old addiction: grouphug.us. (Try the random link and keep hitting it for hours of terrifying fun.)

New addiction: seeing what my neighbors are donating to preznit wannabes at fundrace.org. They’ve even got geo-colored maps! Real purty.

UPDATE: Okay, fundrace.org is truly fascinating. Some finds:

  • $2000 a piece to Dubya: Bill Gates, Steve Case & wife, Richard Parsons (CEO of Time Warner) & wife, Meg Whitman (CEO of eBay), Chuck Smith (CEO & Preznit of evil telecom giant SBC)
  • Dick Cheney’s lesbian daughter, Mary, gave $850 to Bush. She also works for the Bush-Cheney re-election, a campaign that seeks to outlaw her civil rights through a Constitutional amendment. Oy.
  • George Soros: $2000/ea. to Kerry, Edwards, and Clark. $1k to Dean.
  • Susan Surandon: 2 large to Dean
  • John Edwards apparently donated $2k to himself. How, uh, terribly useful.
  • A Howard Dean of Hinsdale, Il donated $2k to Bush.

Yahoo! Groups Serious about Singles & STDs

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So, um, I go to create a Yahoo! Group today for all of us that got canned yesterday in AOL’s drunken layoff orgy, and step 1 is to categorize your group… innocuous enough, right? The list is standard top-level fare (Business, Colleges, Science, etc.) until the final entry. Click the picture to enlarge.

Amazon’s Sales Rank and Fat Liberals

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Last week, Michael Moore’s new book Dude, Where’s My Country? hit #1 on Amazon, even before it’s release this past Tuesday. Today, it’s #2 shoved off it’s perch by… (drum-roll!)… The South Beach Diet.
Oh, MANNNN! So Amazon’s overrun with fat liberals, who are apparently more fat than liberal. And to think, I was starting to have faith in you.

God, I love craigslist

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Just a few minutes on craigslist this morning, and look at the treasure trove I dug up!
Screw the Following People – The collected edition (“People who sell flowers

Ugh. Spam.

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So I got a little bored today and started to track down the fuckers who actually spam me. I receive a relatively small amount of spam compared to most, so there’s probably a few specific shitbags responsible for the majority of my spam.
Tracking down spammers is dicey. Headers are always forged, and a variety of methods are used to spam from any machine but their own: open proxies, open relays, hijacked IP blocks, even internet worms. So you look elsewhere, which usually means going after the website in the body of the email. It’s not always the case that the spamvertised website IS the actual spammer, but it usually is. And even if it isn’t, the hosting company should be notified they’re supporting spammers.
So, anyway, today I present shitbag #1: a Robert Soloway of Medford, OR. See the SpamHaus ROKSO profile.
So Bobby, I know who you are and when you spam me, I know you have a small penis, and of Jan. 1st you will owe me $1,000 for each one of those lovely spams.

Gubernatorial Spam!

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I actually got spammed today pitching “Arnold for Governor” t-shirts.
Jesus H, not like I was going to vote for him anyway, but now a line has been crossed.
I reported it through SpamCop, some offshore dealy naturally, but I’ve been thinking about ditching SpamCop after Julian Haight’s mob theory. What a nutter!

RIAA stupidity

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Last month, the RIAA announced it would go after individual file-traders on P2P networks. The result? An increase of 10% on Grokster and Morpheus. Villianizing casual computer users is not likely to endear anyone to the record labels or cause a stampede to the CD aisle, especially after they were just busted for years of CD overcharging and forced to give token refunds. However, if this current campaign sees any success, it will be short lived: the P2P landscape will simply change to work-around the RIAA. Believing it will stop is naive.