Wasting Cycles

Posted by: on Mar 19, 2004 | One Comment

Okay, old addiction: grouphug.us. (Try the random link and keep hitting it for hours of terrifying fun.)

New addiction: seeing what my neighbors are donating to preznit wannabes at fundrace.org. They’ve even got geo-colored maps! Real purty.

UPDATE: Okay, fundrace.org is truly fascinating. Some finds:

  • $2000 a piece to Dubya: Bill Gates, Steve Case & wife, Richard Parsons (CEO of Time Warner) & wife, Meg Whitman (CEO of eBay), Chuck Smith (CEO & Preznit of evil telecom giant SBC)
  • Dick Cheney’s lesbian daughter, Mary, gave $850 to Bush. She also works for the Bush-Cheney re-election, a campaign that seeks to outlaw her civil rights through a Constitutional amendment. Oy.
  • George Soros: $2000/ea. to Kerry, Edwards, and Clark. $1k to Dean.
  • Susan Surandon: 2 large to Dean
  • John Edwards apparently donated $2k to himself. How, uh, terribly useful.
  • A Howard Dean of Hinsdale, Il donated $2k to Bush.