Ugh. Spam.

Posted by: on Sep 24, 2003 | No Comments

So I got a little bored today and started to track down the fuckers who actually spam me. I receive a relatively small amount of spam compared to most, so there’s probably a few specific shitbags responsible for the majority of my spam.
Tracking down spammers is dicey. Headers are always forged, and a variety of methods are used to spam from any machine but their own: open proxies, open relays, hijacked IP blocks, even internet worms. So you look elsewhere, which usually means going after the website in the body of the email. It’s not always the case that the spamvertised website IS the actual spammer, but it usually is. And even if it isn’t, the hosting company should be notified they’re supporting spammers.
So, anyway, today I present shitbag #1: a Robert Soloway of Medford, OR. See the SpamHaus ROKSO profile.
So Bobby, I know who you are and when you spam me, I know you have a small penis, and of Jan. 1st you will owe me $1,000 for each one of those lovely spams.