Fabulous San Mateo

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…went for lunch in San Mateo and found a wig palace and some chicken poop. Good times.


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What’s this eyefone everyone keeps talking about?

And I overheard something about the rapture dropping at 6p tomorrow?

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Reversal of Fortune

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How is it that installing Safari 3 on Windows doesn’t require a restart, yet on Mac OS X it does? (And even the point release to 3.0.2) Isn’t that bass-ackwards?

While I could investigate and find out why, I’ll cop to being far too lazy. Anyone know what low-level voodoo requires a restart? Another extension special where it makes all things Apple priority #1 for the kernel?

Granted, the install process on Windows involves 72 different steps, so time-wise it might be a draw, including the Mac OS X reboot, but the last time I rebooted my computer was like 45 days ago.

At least I don’t have to track down anymore weird Safari bugs anymore cuz Techcrunch trashes us… I knew they were fixed in WebKit many months ago, and when Apple delayed Leopard I thought i’d have to track it down and squash it, but then they went and released Safari 3 beta saving me much pain while lacking a debugger. But they stepped up and gave both — a public release of a new Safari and a debugger. Thanks guys, I knew you were listening to me. 🙂

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Woohoo! Revel in my wealth!

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After nearly 15 months of Google Ads, looks like I’m finally gonna get cut a check.

Was it worth it? Fuck no. But.. it’s $100 I didn’t have last month.

How much do I rock? Apparently about 21c a day worth.

Rob Galbraith Saves Me $4500

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Apparently the Canon EOS-1D Mark III’s got some autofocus trouble. Crap.

Fast forward three weeks and we’ve now shot multiple games of soccer and rugby plus track, indoor volleyball, moving cars, grip and grins, an executive portrait and personal stuff. It’s added up to over 15,000 frames across two production EOS-1D Mark IIIs, and the most obvious autofocus theme to emerge after poring over all these pictures is that when the lighting is full sunlight and it’s a nice day outside, the autofocus is unusably poor. The camera will still produce in-focus pictures (several are included in this article in fact), but the ratio of crisp to blurry frames is well below an acceptable level. Generally speaking, the camera tends to backfocus when it’s focusing incorrectly.

I really want to get my grubby mitts on this DSLR, and I know Canon reads this blog constantly (ahem), so please Canon, fix it! Quickly! Pretty please?

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You Wishing You Were Me

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…at Boston’s Logan, 6am, sitting next to this guy snoring on volume 11 and periodically couch humping. Sexy time.


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Finally home from Glacier-Waterton, was a blast despite Going-to-the-Sun only being open about 13 miles on each side. There were deer, elk, moose, grouse, ground squirrels, more deer, more ground squirrels, and bears, oh my! One day it snows, the next I’m in shorts. I learned US Customs closes at 6pm within the park, causing me to divert and see all those beautiful Canadian cattle in Alberta. And I learned that climbing 1000 feet per mile is a serious ass-kicker.

Pictures coming up…

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