Reversal of Fortune

Posted by: on Jun 23, 2007 | One Comment

How is it that installing Safari 3 on Windows doesn’t require a restart, yet on Mac OS X it does? (And even the point release to 3.0.2) Isn’t that bass-ackwards?

While I could investigate and find out why, I’ll cop to being far too lazy. Anyone know what low-level voodoo requires a restart? Another extension special where it makes all things Apple priority #1 for the kernel?

Granted, the install process on Windows involves 72 different steps, so time-wise it might be a draw, including the Mac OS X reboot, but the last time I rebooted my computer was like 45 days ago.

At least I don’t have to track down anymore weird Safari bugs anymore cuz Techcrunch trashes us… I knew they were fixed in WebKit many months ago, and when Apple delayed Leopard I thought i’d have to track it down and squash it, but then they went and released Safari 3 beta saving me much pain while lacking a debugger. But they stepped up and gave both — a public release of a new Safari and a debugger. Thanks guys, I knew you were listening to me. 🙂

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