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Woohoo! Revel in my wealth!

Posted by: on Jun 21, 2007 | One Comment

After nearly 15 months of Google Ads, looks like I’m finally gonna get cut a check.

Was it worth it? Fuck no. But.. it’s $100 I didn’t have last month.

How much do I rock? Apparently about 21c a day worth.

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  1. s.patrick
    June 23, 2007

    I often wonder my personal worth. There was a time where I might have been worth, say, 3 cents. But now in the year of 2007, I am worthless. Like a pile of fava beans.
    It’s nice to know that someone has made something of themselves and are worth a cost. Twenty-one cents a day may not seem like much to you, but people in Ethiopia could buy a farm with that. Then the fava beans would just roll in. Ya know…or not. 😀


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