Now with PowerBoost!

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So in what’s perhaps an unholy union between Comcast and Jamba Juice, Comcast has started this thing called PowerBoost. Supposedly this doubles your speed during large downloads — only for short bursts, and only given “network availability.” I *think* I’ve seen this, but am I the only one calling horseshit on this? No way to really verify this or see when you’re getting “PowerBoosted.” No guarantee if it’s gonna kick in during that 123MB download of OpenOffice. It’s gonna skew network speed tests and the average download speed given by your browser. And it’s undoubtedly going to be used to quell the piles of customers complaining about less-than-steller speeds, especially the craptastic upstream speeds (which are Boost-free).

Some marketing weenie at Comcast deserves a promotion. Jamba Juice should sue.

(If this is already deployed in San Francisco, it’s having the desired effect — I’m testing north of 18Mbps right now, but my upload speeds? 690Kbps. C’mon Comcast.)


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Well, this doesn’t happen often…

Road to Redemption Chart

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Hmmm… work in progress, but starting a chart here on America’s favorite export: blame.


If you are… …and get busted, seek…
Mayor, oh, and fucking your campaign manager’s wife Alcohol Treatment
Congressman, querying your male pages as to their masturbatory habits Alcohol Treatment
Evangelical preacher ordering up a bucket of Cock n’ Crank every weekend Some horseshit pseudo-scientific “Spiritual Restoration”
A Thieving Whore of a Politician “Rehab”, followed by 30 months in prison…or tearful TV appearance, followed by 8 years in prison
A Thieving Whore of a Lobbyist Confuse everyone with a series of disguises, then go to jail for 6 years
Spoiled celeb flashing yer meat curtains ’round town (and not named Paris or Britney) “Treatment” for “undisclosed reasons”

Ok, gotta go work, but c’mon, send me a few more.

Oh, that itch…

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I’ve got that new car itch. I hate that. Took me 2 years to scratch it last time. Oprah turns 5 in May, and I think it’s time to get me some new wheels. Going to see exactly what the 2008 M3’s got before I make a decision. (Note to BMW: spare me the pumped up HP with the weak comparable torque.)

The RS4 is a non-starter, too fugly and speed-racer for my taste, M5’s too big. Caymen needs more guts. Any suggestions? I don’t drive for my commute, or I’d be looking at some hybrid, a Civic or something along those lines. Although, those hybrids… ehhh. I just can’t bring myself to drive something more akin to a kitchen appliance than a car.

Also, for sale: 2003 Acura CL Type-S Manual w/Nav. Black/black. Only 40k miles. One of only 820 ever produced in this configuration!

Goats Rock

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‘Nuff said.