Karl Rove takes bath with toaster

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Well, at least he should be.

But, I will not gloat.

Okay, perhaps a little. People I no longer have to suffer:

  • “Man-on-dog” Rick Santorum.
  • Mike DeWine
  • Ken Blackwell
  • Richard Pombo
  • George Allen
  • Gov Pataki
  • Gov Romney
  • Jon Kyl
  • Katherine Harris
  • Conrad Burns

Oh, yeah, and Rumsfeld. Buh-bye.

Please, oh God please, let the door hit you on the way out.

*happy dance*

And “liberal” media? We got you too — we took both houses.

Thankfully, sycophant Lieberman will suck up to the Democrats now that they’re in the majority.

My hit list for the next election(s):

  • James Inhofe
  • Marilyn Musgrave
  • Tubemeister Stevens
  • Sam Brownback
  • “I attack limbless vets!” Saxby Chambliss
  • Tom “illegal abortions” Coburn
  • John Cornyn
  • Peter King
  • Saint McCain
  • Trent Lott
  • Obvious Alzheimer victim, Jim Bunning
  • …and Droopy Dog, Joe Lieberman

But I will not gloat.

Sorry, MSNBC…

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Sonny’s a Republican. The makes-your-skin-crawl variety.

I know…

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…paying attention to the returns as they come in will only upset me, but at least “man-on-dog” Santorum will be gone. (Glenn Beck just compared Santorum to Churchill. o-kay.) Musgrave possibly. DeWine probably. Sen. Macaca’s gonna be one of those we may still be guessing tomorrow morning. And I’ll still have to live with Arnold.
And that freak of nature Ken Blackwell lost in Ohio. (You know, the one that helped steal the 2004 election in Ohio for Bush.)
I know it’s gonna be a long night: the results, me, and too much beer. I only hope I’m doing a drunken happy dance before I call it.
If you haven’t voted yet, you’ve got til 8… move yer ass.

Ah, technology…

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So, I got a MacBook Pro (yeah, new one, Core 2 Duo Extreme Double SuperFast x2 Pro or whatever, dropped from Shanghai and double-boxed with the word “Apple” no where on the outside) and a 30″ Cinema HD Display today. It’s geek pr0n, and trust me, I’m smitten for the time being. So much screen real estate, coaxing Windows into Parallels, fun, fun, fun…

So, I’ve got the latest and greatest, right?

So here’s my conundrum:

I did some “maintenance” on myself today — manscaping, if you will — and why the hell do I have 5 different tools to accomplish that task? That’s right, FIVE. I’m not a fucking Yetti Schmeeve or anything, but jesus christ, it’s just annoying. (And every guy does it, so shuddup, unless he’s a hippie or, perhaps, Chinese.)

Sure, I suppose I could of accomplished it with one, but each has it’s usefulness and efficiency in certain areas. Perhaps I’m just impatient, but with all the technology around us, it seems like I’d be able to get the uberGroomer and call it a day.

But no……..