I know…

Posted by: on Nov 7, 2006 | No Comments

…paying attention to the returns as they come in will only upset me, but at least “man-on-dog” Santorum will be gone. (Glenn Beck just compared Santorum to Churchill. o-kay.) Musgrave possibly. DeWine probably. Sen. Macaca’s gonna be one of those we may still be guessing tomorrow morning. And I’ll still have to live with Arnold.
And that freak of nature Ken Blackwell lost in Ohio. (You know, the one that helped steal the 2004 election in Ohio for Bush.)
I know it’s gonna be a long night: the results, me, and too much beer. I only hope I’m doing a drunken happy dance before I call it.
If you haven’t voted yet, you’ve got til 8… move yer ass.