Karl Rove takes bath with toaster

Posted by: on Nov 8, 2006 | No Comments

Well, at least he should be.

But, I will not gloat.

Okay, perhaps a little. People I no longer have to suffer:

  • “Man-on-dog” Rick Santorum.
  • Mike DeWine
  • Ken Blackwell
  • Richard Pombo
  • George Allen
  • Gov Pataki
  • Gov Romney
  • Jon Kyl
  • Katherine Harris
  • Conrad Burns

Oh, yeah, and Rumsfeld. Buh-bye.

Please, oh God please, let the door hit you on the way out.

*happy dance*

And “liberal” media? We got you too — we took both houses.

Thankfully, sycophant Lieberman will suck up to the Democrats now that they’re in the majority.

My hit list for the next election(s):

  • James Inhofe
  • Marilyn Musgrave
  • Tubemeister Stevens
  • Sam Brownback
  • “I attack limbless vets!” Saxby Chambliss
  • Tom “illegal abortions” Coburn
  • John Cornyn
  • Peter King
  • Saint McCain
  • Trent Lott
  • Obvious Alzheimer victim, Jim Bunning
  • …and Droopy Dog, Joe Lieberman

But I will not gloat.