MovableType 3

Posted by: on Oct 6, 2006 | No Comments

I moved to MT 3, and the spam has been non-stop. This mostly involves me approving no comments, which is a minor annoyance at most, but I wonder what bot the spammers are running against the blog for which they get paid and I get jack-shit? It’s not resulting in PV. I need to dig through the access logs and find out, and then either shut it down or get on the money train. (Sure, I’ll target my own blog with a 100% failure rate and get paid for it. I ain’t stoopid.)

Also, I seem to be targeted with particularly filthy porn: bestiality is a favorite, as are MILFs, transexuals, gay black cocks, all manner of anal, S&M, teens (of course) — pretty much all manner of perversion. Sure, some “herbal viagra,” and even a few for “herbal toenail fungus cures” mixed in, but none of this stuff ever ends up published, so I’ve gotta wonder what perpetuates such a futile onslaught.

(Yeah, I might move to WordPress. We’ll see…)