MovableType 3

Posted by: on Oct 6, 2006 | No Comments

I moved to MT 3, and the spam has been non-stop. This mostly involves me approving no comments, which is a minor annoyance at most, but I wonder what bot the spammers are running against the blog for which they get paid and I get jack-shit? It’s not resulting in PV. I need to dig through the access logs and find out, and then either shut it down or get on the money train. (Sure, I’ll target my own blog with a 100% failure rate and get paid for it. I ain’t stoopid.)

Also, I seem to be targeted with particularly filthy porn: bestiality is a favorite, as are MILFs, transexuals, gay black cocks, all manner of anal, S&M, teens (of course) — pretty much all manner of perversion. Sure, some “herbal viagra,” and even a few for “herbal toenail fungus cures” mixed in, but none of this stuff ever ends up published, so I’ve gotta wonder what perpetuates such a futile onslaught.

(Yeah, I might move to WordPress. We’ll see…)

No More Comment Spam?

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I’ve implemented a security code against comment spam. Let’s see if it works…

Here Comes the Comment Spam

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Been getting some comment spam lately. It’s not enough to matter, and they certainly aren’t the brightest, targeting old entries which rarely get any traffic. The comments themselves are fairly innocuous, some BS like “I agree” or “I like that,” intended to fly under the radar of the blog overlord (me!), but the link is clearly spamvertised.

MT’s got problems, and this is one of them. Will need to investigate a fix…

geoURLs… or… I’m surrounded by idiots

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I added a geoURL. A fascinating, yet completely frightening experience. For example, there’s “saladwithsteve” or “Tuna Breath” — neither of which I’ve had the guts to click on. See the results for yourself.


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Rather than write anything interesting, I’ve been wasting my time adding fluff!
So, now there’s themes and an open external links in new window toggle. Look for them in the side bar under “Themes” and “Options.” Requires JS and cookies, and you Safari users will find the link targeting option missing, as it doesn’t seem to work despite it throwing no script exceptions.
Update: fixed the Safari thing…