Sleeping on a Cliff

Posted by: on May 3, 2006 | No Comments

My apartment here is on the 31st floor on the eastern side. I’m told that, for Hong Kong, it ain’t half bad: small, functional, cleaner than most restaurants.
The combo washer/dryer has all manner of settings foreign to me, and for being a computer engineer, it took me a remarkably long time to locate the soap cup. I’ve always thought that combining a washer/dryer into one unit was smart, but in execution it takes about 5 hours to complete one cycle and the maximum load is about 2 shirts and 1 sock (not both).
The bed is elevated and butts up against the bedroom window. I’ve mostly overcome my fear of rolling over in bed, having the window promptly pop out, and waking up somewhere around the 21st floor and about 7 seconds before I become a strange stain on the sidewalk.

click for larger view
bedroom view window of death living room
balcony view kitchen/laundry?!