The Fish Listener

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There’s a gold fish in my room. (Sign of good luck here, but I kinda feel sorry for the lil’ guy.)

One Doughnut Pillow, Please

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Finally headed home on the 27th, through Narita rather than Shanghai -> Hong Kong -> Taipei -> SFO. Was not looking forward to that.

Chinese Pollution + Hot Wet Air ==

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one very sick schmeeve.

Nothing in Common

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[ of vital importance to the funny: The hat reads “Cockteaser” ]

Taikoo Girls

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Met these lovely business professionals on my way out of work Friday evening. Obviously off to a charity dinner or church function.

This ultra-modern office tower was a former sugar refinery. Check it out then [2] and now.

Mong Kok

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Over in Kowloon (not familiar with the geography of HK, look here) there’s a huge market area called Mong Kok. To westerners, it’s completely non-sensical: entire streets with 50 stores all selling exactly the same items. One street is chock full o’ mobile phones, cameras, and other gadgetry; others clothing and semi-automatic rifles. Fun town!
Volume seems to be the key:

The smell wafting from this food vendor was, best I could guess, a moving tribute to the collective ass of 8M Hong Kong residents:


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People of Hong Kong,
Do not attempt to bleach your hair.
Do you really want to be the Chinese version of this?

I thought not.

Lan Kwai Fong

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[ right now I’m missing Dredg… dammit ]
Dinner last night in Lan Kwai Fong which was described to me as “where lots of ex-pats hang out.”
“Ohhh!! White people!” I chortled.
Along with it’s neighbor SoHo, it can pass for any bar-lined American street where frat boys long to share their chlamydia with some girl who thought it was a good idea to go out on dollar Pabst night.

Some random others (think these were around Stanley…)

Hong Kong Sanity

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Sick? A Chubber?

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