Mac pr0n

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May-December Romance

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New “Quad” today. They’re doing the digital tango right now and sharing their bits, should be ready in an hour or two. Big guy sure is heavy, but so very very purty.

Local Bar

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This bar is around the corner from work. A good thing, and a step up from the old haunt. (I do miss Nina, though..)
At any rate, one of the bartenders was passed out and sleeping at the end of the bar tonight. I’m not the most drunk guy the bar — and, oh snap!, tthe most drunk guy works there! Fan-fucking-tastic!
It’s got good food during the day, good beer at night. Ah, I’ve come home. 🙂


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…will be ready in about 6-7 hours:

New South Dakota License Plate

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Well, at least they’re trying to be ‘hip’…


South Dakota passes abortion ban

Drunk eBaying

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Okay, I wasn’t really drunk. Not even drinking. (Well, bottled water and Crystal Light. schmeeve.. you’re so bad!)
But this is mine now.
So can’t afford the thing, but I need it, this thing I’m typing on is circa-1999, and it is a tax write-off…


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So my RCA F38310 died (39″ HDTV CRT), something apparently not uncommon for these TVs, but it was a good run. Judging from the buzz, I’m not going to have much luck getting it fixed.
Anyone have any suggestions? It’s an odd era for TV — Plasma vs. LCD vs. LCD Projection vs. DLP, etc., etc. I’d like something at least 45″. Also, it needs to do standard without looking awful (projection and LCD’s seem to pixelate or distort rather badly.)


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Things I kinda wish I had:

  • Medical insurance. This forced me off Effexor for my panic attacks, and thankfully I’ve had none yet, but I’ve ratched up the irracibleness as a result and had a interesting few weeks through chemical withdrawal. (This also forced me off some shit for high blood-pressure, some patented shit I simply can not waste the money on. Extending my life by 5 years after I’m 60: not a concern at the moment.)
  • Car insurance. I didn’t pay, cuz, well, couldn’t. Car parked neatly in garage. Won’t drive. Thankfully, it’s an antique 2003 model with only 30k miles on it.
  • The pain of beating down doors to get paid for contract work. It’s lucrative, and all, when you get paid… a big WHEN
  • Thornton’s Toffee
  • TiVo2Go for the Mac. Or at least a crack. I so love DRMs.
  • A 10″ dick
  • Equal pay for being a woman.
  • Okay, last one was a lie.

No Irony Here, Move Along…

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…and two years ago…

…and even funnier: All the “news” that’s fit to at least waste the Internets on, and my personal fave: the phrase “the shaving unit of Engergizer.”
Next week: I unveil my SIX-headed penis. 1 fu(k1n6 0wn.