New South Dakota License Plate

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Well, at least they’re trying to be ‘hip’…


South Dakota passes abortion ban

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  1. Irv Larson
    October 16, 2006

    Yes this is cute!, The babies conceived were meant to be. That is why milk forms in the breasts. The women need to know that they are loved by many and protection and help and adoption is available even for special needs children. I sure hope the ban passes because my grandma had an abortion when she was younger, and the unbiased milk cells manifested themselves as a terrible cancer that ravaged her upper body and head, morphine couldn’t stop the pain, and she moaned and cried and shook and sweat cold and the chemo and radiation couldn’t do a thing, to stop it. To watch someone you dearly love die like that and my grandpa on the verge of breakdown the whole time and grief of our family and then finally 44 hours before she died she said she was sorry for killing Emma. The abortionist is lucky i can’t find them. If you think it is a right to kill babies then don’t be surprised if you die like this if you have an abortion. Also if the ban passes alot of nice young men will have to go to jail for statutory rape and child molestors will go to jail too. As the girl has the chance to get an abortion for rape and incest.


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