In me


Posted by: on Feb 9, 2006 | No Comments

Things I kinda wish I had:

  • Medical insurance. This forced me off Effexor for my panic attacks, and thankfully I’ve had none yet, but I’ve ratched up the irracibleness as a result and had a interesting few weeks through chemical withdrawal. (This also forced me off some shit for high blood-pressure, some patented shit I simply can not waste the money on. Extending my life by 5 years after I’m 60: not a concern at the moment.)
  • Car insurance. I didn’t pay, cuz, well, couldn’t. Car parked neatly in garage. Won’t drive. Thankfully, it’s an antique 2003 model with only 30k miles on it.
  • The pain of beating down doors to get paid for contract work. It’s lucrative, and all, when you get paid… a big WHEN
  • Thornton’s Toffee
  • TiVo2Go for the Mac. Or at least a crack. I so love DRMs.
  • A 10″ dick
  • Equal pay for being a woman.
  • Okay, last one was a lie.