GoDaddy Refugees: hover, namecheap, name, etc

Posted by: on Dec 26, 2011 | No Comments

GoDaddy’s reprehensible: misogynistic advertising, elephant-killing cartoon villain CEO, difficult interface designed to confuse, and of course SOPA support. They’re the evil credit card company of the domain industry, full of tricks n’ traps. And don’t let the eleventh-hour SOPA change of heart deter you: it’s time to switch. (That last minute SOPA change of heart somehow makes it worse, and then there’s this.)

I’ve used name, namecheap, and hover. They’re all more than adequate, although I’ve found hover to my favorite. It’s not the cheapest, but they’re close enough and they’ll save you the funny business, sport an intuitive interface and forgo tricks n’ traps.

Save yourself a few bucks — a few Hover coupons:

  • 20EB24BM4PO (save 17%)
  • SOPA (save 10%)

Pro tip!

Enter your new DNS settings as soon as you initiate the transfer rather than waiting to afterwards. This insures against possible downtime.