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Well, Hello There, Blog Peoples!

Posted by: on Oct 2, 2009 | No Comments

So, I don’t update this too often any more. (Look at those election results in the last post! Relevant, right? OMG, who won?! Was it the black guy?! NOOOO WAYYYYY!)

I guess I went all “rogue” and “mavericky.” I heard that’s how to be a real Murkin now.

But, fear not, you can still find me on the internet machine:



Facebook (oh, just go look it up if you know me…)


Or find me “at work”…

Nothing new here. I heard there were some financial troubles and I’ve learned I can reproduce asexually… cool, huh? What’s up with you?

Two-thirds of my company went to some National Parks recently. That there’s a photo below.

Mammoth Hot Springs