Just Kill Me

Posted by: on Mar 21, 2008 | No Comments

Few days ago got a call from the BMW dealer. “We’ve got the M3 in, wanna come in for a drive?” Friend from work’s interested in a 135i. Today was the day we’d get to filthily molest ’em both.

We get there and the 135i is an automatic. Well, shitfaddle. “Sport mode with paddle shifters” provides a little fun. The engine’s sultry purr is seductive.

Then we get to the M3. All tingly with excitement, he runs off to get the key, and upon returning informs me I can’t take the car above 3500rpm. True of all of them until 1500 miles. Odometer? 64. I can get all the way up to school zone speeds! Just pinch me!

So while I couldn’t man-handle the beast, I turn to Top Gear to do that for me:

Heh. “Cock-O-Meter”

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