Not Measuring Up: My iPhone Bill

Posted by: on Aug 15, 2007 | No Comments

I think my frequent access to Wi-Fi is screwing me of the opportunity to make my own video revealing a over 300 page bill from AT&T. (Methinks a lot of you would probably have no problem at all helping that poor girl with her bill.)

I’d given up paper billing for starters, but even the PDF version from the AT&T site came in at 178 pages. Every 15 minutes my iPhone checks email and uses EDGE? A new entry on the bill. All cost me $0.00. Fucking brilliant.

Even given the first 30 hours numbers and averaging $1 extra per mailing of the physical giaganto-bill (paper, postage, and packaging — it requires a BOX not an envelope for most), that’s $217k they wasted.

Given AT&Ts religious need to felate the Street, I’d be watching for that FCKUIPHONE “tax” to show up on your next bill.