Highlights of a Tuesday

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Mason calls this afternoon:

Oh my God! You’ll never believe what I just saw!

(excited) What?! What!

Three bees doing it! It’s a bee three-some!

(non-plussed) That’s, um, fantastic. I saw some flies do that once.

Yeah! One on top, one in the back. I’m going to go take a nap now.

Okay. Sweet dreams.

Ah, good to be me. *sigh*

Teh Stoopids: California DMV

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While you can renew your registration at the DMV’s website (good!), you need to provide some renewal confirmation number you received in the mail (dumb!).

Oh, the stupids. I can understand some security if they were going to give me money, but it’s the other way around. If some tard wants to pay my DMV registration for me, go right ahead — email your address and I’ll even send a thank you muffin basket!

Food for Thought

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One has to wonder, considering that a major ingredient in Cool Whip is lube (yes, that kind), do you really need the KY variety if you just eat the Kraft variety and wait a few hours?