Spain’s Greatest Treasure

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…yes, that’s a fridge complete with a beer tap. ONLY 839€!


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Canon EOS-1D Mark III

10.1MP, full-frame, 3″ LCD with Live Preview, and machine-gun rapid fire (check out the video):

It’ll be about $4000, but I just might have to bite on this sweet DSLR.

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New doc on the consumer credit biz looks pretty good. Those collection guys: A-S-S-H-O-L-E-S!

Frontline did a very good piece on the credit biz a few years ago. And this was before the new bankruptcy laws. Usury is alive and well. Watch it online for free.

And God bless Harvard’s Elizabeth Warren, that woman is tireless when it comes to fighting these greedy asshats. +

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Since I posted the full text of that Why I Hate Blacks article from Kenneth Eng, I got a plug on a message board! GO ME!

Apparently irony is dead in white supremacist movement. But, I do hope you enjoy my “Black Singles Photos” Google ads!

Also of note: my 10th most popular search engine referral keyword is “foreskin.”

Again, GO ME!

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Things I Don’t Believe

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I believe the upstream speeds, but those downstream speeds are kinda nuts. (Reference: typical DSL is 1500Kbs/s, my “enhanced” cable should peak at 8192Kb/s.)

Comcast in SF? What are you getting?

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“Suspicious Activity”

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NBC 11 (with a slideshow!)

Smith would not comment on neighbors’ claims drugs had been sold at the apartment. He said he was aware that police investigators had gone into the building without firefighters.

Neighbors who did not wish to be named said they had seen ongoing suspicious activity around the apartment where the fire broke out, with people frequently “coming in and out” at odd hours.

“Everybody knows” about the suspicious activity, one neighbor said.

I didn’t.

I suppose I should pay attention more. I have a clear shot of the unit’s front door from my living room windows.

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I frequently joke about the eyesore of an apartment building behind me burning down. (801 Corbett? Yeah, that sounds right.)

This morning it tried to do exactly that:

The front door of the unit involved is probably 25 feet from my living room window. I was sleeping on the couch, awoke to the fire alarm going off, which happens all the time — but then all the screaming started.