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Remember kids — laugh at him, not with him.

From this interview:

Describe one recurring dream you have?
Escaping this prison of a planet and physically entering the 0th Dimension as an anthropomorphic shark.

If you could have any five people over for dinner, who would they be?
Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud, Stephen Hawking, Charles Darwin, and my future self.

What would surprise most people to learn about you?
That even though I am by definition a genius…

His self-penned biography over at Amazon reminds us he “fought through hell to get where he was.” I’m sure he do.

More over at Table of Malcontents, which unfortunately reminds us he “masturbates all the time.”

Worried that she’d spurned a truly great talent, Hilary looked into Eng’s novel, Dragon: Lexicon Triumvirate, and discovered that she had truly missed out. Check out these choice bits she gathered from the book:

“Time is not a concept. It is a word.”

This is how the novel begins. Wow. Mindblowing stuff — and this book stars dragons!

The dialogue is also top-notch. Here is one fine example:

“Interesting,” muttered Dennagon to himself. “The force of gravity is 9.8 meters per second squared on this planet, but not in space. I wonder if ‘space’ actually exists.”

And there’s ACTION!

“Dennagon nonchalantly dropped down from his perched position to the ground. Without even taking his eyes off his book, he casually thrust his fist out, punching a hole straight through the head of one of his enemies as it charged. The decapitated body still handing from his forearm, he merely shifted his fist to the side so that the others could run into it. Expectedly, they did, blasting apart their own skulls against his scaly knuckles.”