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Home Sweet Home

Posted by: on Dec 28, 2006 | No Comments

Back in SF.

Nice Christmas, albeit a bit trying.

An example: We had dinner with my cousin last night (she turns 60 next year, mom’s sis was 11 years older and I came late)… anyway, I had to listen to my Dad rant the entire time as I drove us to downtown Summerville, SC about how much it irritated him that people couldn’t pronounce words correctly such as “foyer” (it’s “foi-yeh”, not “for-your”), then not 30 seconds after getting out of the car he used the term “usetacud” twice. (As in, “used to could.”) “Usatacud drive yer car down this here street.” Natch, that raised an eyebrow, yet my opposition was unacceptable. “Winder,” “sammich,” “yonder,” and “usetacud”: fine; “for-your”: bad. Gotcha.

Oh, and dude on UA flight 1229 today, seat 1D: keep your snot rags off our shared armrest. You managed to gross out the flight attendant who had to collect your bugger napkins 3 times and then come over with a microwaved towel and attempt to sanitize the arm rest. (And I loved her for it.) Did you not notice the pile of napkins she used to guard my drink from yours? Get a clue.