In me


Posted by: on Dec 18, 2006 | No Comments

If I like you, and you’re expecting some sort of gift (those of you not expecting babies on my birthday^), send me a wishlist link. It’ll help me out. It’s about a week and a day away from the glorious remembrance of His birth and I have yet to move one finger towards said glorious remembrance presents.* (Seriously, I saw a Foreigner Best Of CD on sale and I lack shame.)

I leave for my Slightly-East-of-Deliverance Christmas on Tuesday, complete with dinner with my cousin who is the ex-wife of this winner.

Pray for me.

* Lori, Carolyn, Mason: gotcha covered.

^ yes, on my birthday or there abouts little baby Jake is due. Granted, his name should of been schmeeve, but I’m not splitting hairs