Crack is Whack!

Posted by: on Sep 13, 2006 | One Comment

After learning just last month that Osama longed to give Whitney Houston his meat kebab, it should come as no surprise that Whitney no longer wants to be Mrs. Bobby Brown.
My bet’s on irreconcilable crack differences.
During rehab last year she used the power of prayer to overcome the evils of drugs.
This time we’re all praying for you, Whitney.

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  1. TheScotty
    September 16, 2006

    I tell ya, the city of Atlanta is in mourning over the fall of our ‘First Couple’.
    Crack dealers are contributing to their Roth Funds at an unprecedented level. “Crack is Whack!”, but it sure makes you forget the past two seasons of ‘Being Bobby Brown’.
    At this point in time, Whitney SWEARS it was all just a bad dream. Bobby Brown, or Bobby EWING??
    *queue Patrick Duffy exiting from the shower, in Black Face*


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