MySpace Again

Posted by: on Sep 6, 2006 | One Comment

Don’t know why I’m so petty, I know these idjits are just stealing whatever they find on Google Images, but never the less it’s fun.
Someone should really look into the comments on Missy’s page. And this one. Oh, and one of Amanda Nicole’s (isn’t that 10x more annoying that just “Amanda?”) heroes has a new look!
I can’t believe Makai would associate with people like Hernando:

Why does every MySpace page look like it was done by a retarded blind 3 year old? Is there some “fugliest page on the internets” award I’m not aware of?

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  1. Da_BerZerKer
    September 8, 2006

    OMG! LMAO~!! THat’s hilarious! That happened to me one time too. There was this koreon leaching off my preview to an animated cursor I made for his Friendster Profile. I replaced it with a large Goatse Pic! LMAO


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