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When UCSC Chancellor Denise Denton swan-dived to her death from the 42nd floor of a San Francisco apartment building, the media seemed, well — confused — of what to make of it.
Thankfully, Michelle Malkin has stepped forward to piss all over Denton’s grave — a grave which she may have helped create.

You may have missed this story, but it’s worth a look. It appears that Michelle Malkin is taking some heat from her compadres on the right because she failed to apologized after heaping a great deal of vitriol on a woman who subsequently committed suicide.
Well, now Malkin has lashed back at her critics. Her response? She smeared the dead woman again, calling her a “corruptocrat.”

Vile. What’s next? Ann Coulter, fresh from attacking the 9/11 widows/widowers, plagiarist?
Really, if there is a hell, these people are on the short list…