Home Sweet Home

Posted by: on May 25, 2006 | No Comments

…and it’s a BEUT-TEE-FUL day in San Francisco.
Guess what I’m gonna do?
Watch TV and sleep. That’s right. And I’m damn excited about it.
Flight was OK, aside from the World’s Worst Indian — verified by the Indian woman traveling with me on my flight. He couldn’t figure out his chair controls, and was crawling around on all fours after all the lights were turned out for at least 20 minutes. That was followed by a loud argument for with his wife, and then a skirmish involving his attempt to steal my blanket.
This after my hotel in Seoul was packed with rude Indian biz guys — again verified by my Indian colleague. (Just trying to avoid any unpleasant labels.)
When I got on the plane, we both agreed we were sick of the Asian lack of respect for personal space but knew we’d get it the second we landed in SF. Sure enough, the first two people to raise my hackles — one ran into me with his luggage cart with no apology, another jammed up the auto-turnstyle by jamming his luggage at the last moment — were Asian. Granted, this is San Francisco.
Perhaps I should try Kansas for some wingnut fundie white people as a relaxer.
Tomorrow: why Amazon can suck my sack and nature’s least respected friend to humanity: the squirrel.
Perhaps I’m making that last part up. But Amazon can suck it. Big time.