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Gays brokenhearted over ‘Brokeback’ loss

This retarded headline over at sfgate barely prepares you for the ridiculous article.

“I felt like ‘Brokeback Mountain’ was a film that brought Americans together over issues of homophobia,” said Grant Colfax, who hugged and wept with his partner, Rod Rogers, as the final award of the night went to a movie that instead explored issues of race. Although Colfax said he liked “Crash,” he called it a safe choice.
Others were less diplomatic.
“I think that’s an absolute horror,” said Brad Bruner, who is a leader in the Golden State Gay Rodeo Association. “It’s an outright sign of homophobia in our country. (‘Crash’) won no awards before this. It makes me sick.”

Weeping? WEEPING? Homophobic Hollywood? Cowboy fags from the 60s a modern day bridge builder? Good gravy, what a bizzare reality distortion field. Last I checked, we still live in a world where we worry about SpongeBob’s sexuality and Katrina was punishment for homosexuality.