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Ah, the Holidays…

Posted by: on Dec 25, 2005 | No Comments

2005 edition. I can basically sum it as such:

  • I moved on the 23rd, house still a mess. But working on it..
  • Yesterday, I discovered someone had charged $4k for a “STEIN JEWELRY” in Glendale, CA against my debit/checking card on the 23rd. Needless to say, no one was around on Christmas Eve to do anything but shut down my banking accounts
  • I had no food today. So I went to Safeway, on Market near Castro, knowing it would be open. Bad idea. I asked the person in the front of the line how long they’d be there, “An hour and 15 minutes.”
  • Moving on, I found the Safeway in Diamond Heights to be open. Wasn’t near as packed, and was rather pleasant. I visited it twice, even — mostly because I’m stupid and don’t make lists of what I need.
  • Thus concludes my Christmas alone.

Merry Whatever-the-Fuck-you-Celebrate-Or-Don’t.